We invite you to benefit from this multi-disciplinary conference, which will provide a stimulating forum for sharing emerging research results presented by researchers and students as well as new technologies presented by industry professionals. Research equipment and supplies will be displayed in a commercial exhibition.

The conference program will feature an opening plenary talk by Prof. Uri Alon, a Systems Biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science; invited lectures, contributed lectures and short talks by graduate students in parallel sessions, as well as posters and a commercial exhibition. All these will reflect the state of the art in the field of biotechnology engineering in the academy and in the industry. This year we will hold special sessions on “Big Data & Microbiome” and “Food Tech” in which leading scientists and start-up companies will present their work. The closing plenary talk will be given by the psychoanalyst, psychiatric and brain researcher Prof. Yoram Yovel.

The Israel Society for Biotechnology Engineering

The purpose of the society is to become home to the multidisciplinary community of those involved in the field of biotechnology engineering. It is geared towards scientists and students from universities and colleges, R&D professionals and biotechnology engineers from the industry.
The discipline of Biotechnology Engineering encompasses the understanding of biological systems based on their chemical, physical properties and on engineering principles. Its basic aim is to utilize biological and biomimetic systems to develop technologies and research fields needed to promote human health through medical advances and to protect the environment via the sustainable use of natural resources. Read More >>

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